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Peco InspX Names Western States Machinery as Exclusive Representation Firm

Western States Machinery is proud and excited to exclusively represent Peco | InspX solutions in California. We now have the capability to help our customers inspect their products with the industry’s leading technology.   Peco | InspX is a leading provider of inspection systems for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, they combine cutting edge technology with rugged construction to produce high performance, reliable inspection equipment. From X-Ray inspection to fill level detection, Peco | InspX equipment addresses a broad

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Join Western States Machinery at the World Ag Expo

Dear friends and esteemed partners: Western States Machinery Corp. welcomes you to join us at the World Ag Expo between February 9th – 11th in Tulare, CA. We will have an exhibition booth in Pavilion ‘D’, number 4109. We are proud to exhibit on behalf of all machinery OEM’s that we represent. Additionally, we are honored to be working the show in conjunction with Mr. Avner Galili -Director & General Manager of Juran Metal Works, Mr. Giorgio Zanardi -Sales Manager for Lanfranchi North America, and

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Unified Wine & Grape Symposium Jan. 27th-28th 2016

Western States Machinery will be working with the amazing team from McBrady Engineering at booth #434 at Unified Wine & Grape on Jan. 27th-28th. The event will take place at the Sacramento Convention Center in Sacramento, CA. McBrady Engineering’s manufacturing ability of over 30,000 sq. feet is capable of handling all current manufacturing needs as well as having the facilities for further future growth. For decades, McBrady Engineering has produced the very finest bottle cleaning and washing equipment; Western States Machinery is proud to work

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Pomegranate Aril Removal Machinery – Video Included!

Happy holidays to you all! With all of the goodies we eat (sometimes too much of) during this time of year, one healthy delicacy that we always look forward to are pomegranate arils. For those who are less familiar with the vocabulary, we refer to the juicy red seeds of the fruit as ‘arils’. De-seeding pomegranates by hand can be a cumbersome, time consuming, and downright messy task.. but these wonderful morsels are becoming more readily available in ready to eat packages at markets everywhere.

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New Packaging and Processing Equipment Videos

Western States Machinery Corp. has uploaded many new videos from our principal manufacturers onto our website. We hope you enjoy! If you have a question about packaging and processing machinery feel free to contact us, and maybe we will have a video available to help illustrate the solution you need.

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Lanfranchi North America – Packaging Equipment

Ciao Amici! Western States Machinery has the esteemed privilege of representing Lanfranchi North America exclusively. Lanfranchi, of Parma Italy, offers absolute ‘BEST in Class’ equipment including high speed blow moulders, bottle unscramblers, bottle orienting, palletizing and depalletizing, air conveyors and more! Their cutting edge technology has earned industry endorsement across multiple areas of expertise. Cosmetic manufacturers, home goods suppliers, food and beverage companies, as well as pharmaceutical organizations all use Lanfranchi for their plastic bottling lines; their bottle handling know how has proven to accomplish

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NEW VIDEO: Pacific Packaging – 4 Station Inline Pump Filler

The amazing team at Pacific Packaging have released a new video of their 4-station, inline volumetric filler. This setup is wonderful for hot fill applications; including honey, agave, coconut oil and more! Pacific Packaging: Inline 4-Station Volumetric Filler (Hot Fill) Contact us for a quote today!

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Western States Now Offers Additional Equipment From Juran Metal Works

As agents of Juran Metal Works, Western States Machinery is pleased to offer new equipment solutions to the US marketplace. In addition to the highly successful ArilSystem pomegranate aril extracting equipment and Fresh Defrost Technologies, be sure to ask us for more information about the following: Watermelon Harvester and De-seeder The system consists of a Rake, which, as it moves through the field, harvests the watermelons, collecting and arranging them into neat compact rows along the length of the field. This enables the watermelon Pick-Up

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Western States Machinery signs exclusive sales representation of FTNON in California.

Western States Machinery signs multi-year exclusive sales representation with FTNON (Food Technology Noord-Oost Nederland in California. Food Technology Noord-Oost Nederland B.V. (FTNON) develops and produces a wide range of equipment for the food industry worldwide. The history of Food Technology Noord-Oost Nederland B.V. (FTNON) goes back over 50 years as a food engineering company focused on the local Dutch market. Today FTNON is more than a food machinery company, as it now incorporates – enhanced added value, – smart, technical applications, – project management and

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